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Welcome to PublishingHouseMe -  A place for young peoples creative work. All of the submissions showcased on this website come from young people who want to write, have artwork to share or just an opinion to voice.

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Submission of the month

Cupcake Surprise


Cupcake Surprise- Starlight Collection!

by Charmaine (Award 2103), age 17

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user comment Sean says: WOW!! Really good. That picture is just... AMAZING!! :)

user comment Charmaine says: Thank you, Kerrie!

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December Award

Monday 30th Dec 13

Charmaine's stunning photograph portfolio.

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Picture crop

Saturday 18th May 13

Too much enlarging in artists house.

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How many people are looking at the site?

Monday 29th Apr 13

Unbelievable....nearly a quarter of a million pages looked at on PHMe last year!!

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Refresh. Done!!

Monday 29th Apr 13

The Site has had its facelift.....

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PHMe Update

Sunday 16th Sep 12

PHMe is safe for the future.

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