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Some of us are not at our best with a pen or a keyboard. Do you imagine images to stories in the writers house? or are you more interested in book cover than the book review in the opinions house? then this is the house for you We too prefer a paint brush or a musical instrument or a camera.

You will have picked up by now that several of us were very keen to offer the opportunity for other forms of expressions, as well as writing.

Here is your chance to send us your creative work, use your creativity, imagination and any media you fancy, whether its drawings, paintings, music or videos we want to see it.

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Rose DeWitt Bukater

Graphite drawing of Kate Winslet's character from 'TITANIC'. Favourite film and actress ;P

by Jay (Award 41), age 19



user comment Kirendeep says: It is beautiful

user comment Nim says: Amazing!! :D You are very talented.

user comment Emily says: Wow thats really good :D ^-^

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