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A day in Brazil

This is a diary entry about a normal day in Brazil. It is set in the poor parts of Brazil where there is more poverty.It shows the Pain that children go through. . Submitted by Kirendeep (Award 43), age 15

Thursday 20th 2007

I woke up to the horrible sound of the bins being tossed around and thrown to the ground. Rummaging through them is all we can afford to do. The dirty brown water dripping delicately down my encrusted face is all I can feel day and night. My ingrained Knees and arms are as damp as the mud. My haphazard face tells people that I am confused because I don't understand why we have such tormented and miserable lives but others don't.

As I get up you can see the weakness and lack of strength in my fragile body. In addition to this, my bones are literally sticking out and there is hardly any meat on them. Furthermore, I slowly carried the bins and started my long never-ending walk. Meanwhile, as I walked up I could see the rich people laughing and staring at me because of the pigmentation on my skin. I HATE THEM!! They'll never understand what it feels like to be me. As I carried on with my depressing walk I could feel the scorching hot sun shining on my raggedy clothes.

Later on that day, I saw the magnificent and phenomenal Football Stadium just standing there without a single care in the world. Suddenly, a thought came into my head that they spend all their money on things like that but they don't spend their money on important things like some food, some water and a bed to sleep on. That is what people like me need to survive and have a decent life. Therefore things that really matter are just ignored, like poverty. As I stand there daydreaming I wonder what it would be like if I got tickets tot he phenomenal World Cup. THUMP! THUMP! Goes the ball against the uneven road. When I got brought back to reality I realised that was never going to happen unless some kind of miracle happened.

Meanwhile, when I got back home I knew that there was no delicious food waiting for me but I'm used to it now. Unfortunately, I have no food, no bed and no family but nobody does around my area.

Tomorrow is my birthday but I'm not looking forward to it. There'll be no presents, just a days hard work all over again.

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