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A forgotten past part 2 (Archived)

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A forgotten past part 2

Part 2 ^-^ . Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

About a moon later...

Sun purred as Nightpinned her down for the fourth time in the past hour. "Come on, now you're just letting me, aren't you?" he asked.
"Well, maybe," she said smirking.
He shook his head, smiling. "Okay, now you have to do it legit"
"Fine" she said, rolling her eyes. She stood up, shaking the dirt of her fur. "You should your name to Dusty" Night joked. "Quiet, you!" she hissed jokingly. She batted a paw at his face and he grinned. "Thats more like it!" They play fighted for a while until Sun lay panting ontop of Night. "Hey, get off!" he meowed, laughing. "I surrender!" he went limp. She rolled her eyes once more.
"You asked for it!" then she rolled off him. He jumped up and walked next to her. He purred and rubbed his head with hers. "I love you, you know" he said. Without looking at him she replied, "How could I not? You tell me Every. Single. Day" He laughed. "cheeky! Anyways, it's true" Together they walked to the cave they had first met each other in.
"We need to hunt soon" she said. "Oh, yeah. Thats what we were supposted to do" Night replied. "Come on" she said, annoyed. "Come on" he repeated.
"Race you!" he ran off. "Hey, unfair! You got a head start!" she said, running after him. He laughed. They stopped at a favourite hunting place of theirs. Sun sniffed for prey and looked up, wide-eyed. "What!? What is it!?" Night said, anxiously. "F-foxes!" she said.
Night gulped and sure enough the strong scent of foxes hit his nose. It was recent. They looked at each other."Run!" they shouted simultaneously. They sprinted off but soon two foxes pursuied them. They snarled and spat. "Quickly!" Night panted. "The cave will be safe!" The foxes were gaining on them. Night felt a sharp pain on his tail and looked around. A fox leered with triumph, biting on his tail. Night yowled in pain and fear. He tried to escape but it was helpless. Sun turned around and snarled at the foxes. "Mouse dung!" she ran towards him. "Sun! NO!" she hesitated. "Run!" "No!" she replied, "Not without you!" Night hesitated. His tail stung badly but losing her would sting more than any wound he could ever gain.
"I'll be fine! Just- GO!" She looked at him and nodded, unwillingly, tears in her eyes. One fox pursued her but she had a head start, and the cave was not far away.
He snarled at the fox and unsheathed his claws but instead of hitting the fox he slashed his tail, near the foxes teeth. He yowled in pain but it was better than death, Sun would never forgive him. The fox spat the end of the tail out in confusion but Night ran, wasting no time. He saw the other fox see him and try to hit him, he skidded low and ran into the cave, panting. He saw Sun's anxsios eyes staring at him and she gasped as she saw he only had two thirds of his tail was missing. That was the last thing he saw before he blacked out, his tail bleeding.

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