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A forgotten past part 3

Part 3. It's longer than the others ^-^ . Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

"Night, night!" Sun shouted.
Night suddenly blinked. "What is it, Sun?" He asked.
"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure you were alright. "Oh, well, yeah apart from the part of my tail that was bitten off by a fox."
"Oh, shuddup, you!" She meowed.
"Try to make me!" He laughed. She flicked her ears in annoyance. "Are they gone?" Night stood up. "You mean those Dirty, ugly muzzled beasts called foxes?
Ya im pretty sure they're gone" She sighed. "Can I go back to sleep now, babe" he asked, pleading unseriously. "Its been a long tome since you've called me that. And you don't need my permission to go to sleep." Night stared at her. "You must have a hairball stuck, your not normally like this." Sge snarled and laied down. He shook his head in bewilderment and lay next to her. "Love you" "Yeah, yeah, whatever" she mumbled. They soon fell asleep.
"night! Omigosh Night!" H flicked his tail. "What, coming to nag me again?" He said. "No, oh sorry about that anyway night!" "What, you gonna tell me or just keep repeating my name?" She glared at him. "Night, im expecting kits" he turned around,
"What?!?!?!?!" "Yup" "Thats great!" He purred. "Yeah, lets hope they don't end up like miserable furballs like you" she teased. "Thats it, I'm gonna get you!" He said, running after her, for she had started to run. She laughed gleefully.

Sun felt a searing pain go through her body. She cried out in pain. Night swerved around. "Sun! Sun! What is it?!" She gasped. "Night- t-the kits!" She yowled again when another sharp pain ran through her body. "What? But its too early!" She flopped to the floor. "Ummm, what shall i do?!" Sun looked up. "I dont know! Anything!" She gasped. They were coming- fast.
A few {however long it takes to have kits} later....
Night blinked away tears. "Sun, come on, you can do it. For me. Please" Sun lay on the floor in a small puddle of blood. There were four kits, only one was moving, crying pitifully for milk. It was a she-cat, a tortoiseshell. "Night, I-I cant hold on" she said faintly. "No! Sun, please!" Night pleaded with death. His tears flowed down his face. "Don't leave me." Sun looked at him sadly. "I cant survive without proper treatment. Neither me or you know any of it." Night froze suddenly. "Sun- I-" he broke off. "What?" She asked. "I once lived in a clan" Sun looked confused. "What is a clan?" "Theres four, Windclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan and Thunderclan. There used to be a Skyclan. I- I was in Thunderclan." Sun was still confused. "How does this help?""Thunderclan has a medicine cat, a herb specialist. She could save you!" "But didnt you leave?" "At the time I called it 'escaping'. I never liked that life. My name at the time was Nightstripe. But we have to get you there!" Sun sighed. "I am too weak." Night felt hopeless. "Well, Its not far, Of you lean on me-" Sun interupted. "What of the kits? I cannot carry them all" Night looked at them. The tortoiseshell was still wailing. The other three looked, well, dead. Night prodded them. One looked like him, it didn't move and was stone cold. He was choking on sorrow. Another looked like Sun, but was also dead. The last looked like Nights father, Coldheart. He prodded it gently, expecting the worst but it let out a small chocking sound. His eyes lit up.

"Sun" he began hesitantly, unsure how to tell her. "I know" she said, with coldness and sorrow in her voice. "They're all dead" Night shook his head. "No, well- two are" her eyes lit uo ever so slightly. "So?" "So two are still alive, this tortiouiseshell and this grey one." She limped over, wincing. "Well, we must name them" Night nodded. "I name the grey one Pebble" Sun said. Night knew he should name the other. "I name the tortioshell-" he thought for a moment. "Lily" he said. Sun purred. "Come here, Lily, Pebble" Night began to bury the other two, stiffened by sorrow. Soon after he had done so Sun cried out. "What is it?!" Asked. Night franticly. "Ow, it hurts so bad" Sun cried. Night walked over. "We have to get you to Thunderclan!" Sun nodded and grabbed Pebble, he didn't so much as wriggle. He was weak. Night picked up Lily, she was thrashing. Night was at least certan Lily would survive. He felt Sun's weight fall on his shoulder. They looked at each other and Sun nodded.
A little while later...
Night saw the cats. He recognised some. He even saw his sister, Roselily. She wouldn't be happy that he had come back, he gulped. Suns groan broke him away. He felt determined now. He stormed in, Lily and Pebble were asleep. At first no one noticed them, then a cat, one that was called Brakenthorn, saw him. Brakenthorn had been Night's best friend once upon a time. He narrowed his eyes and walked up to Night. "Nightstripe?! Is that you?" He nodded. "Hello, Brakenthorn" Brakenthorn did not look pleased, "We thought you were dead! Dead! Taken by a fox or a badger! You traitor" he spat. By now more cats were noticing, none with any friendly comments. Night's hopes were fading fast. Sun was now too weak to stand and was on the verge of passing out but none of the cats seemed to notice her, ot the two kits. Angry glares met his.
"Nightstripe? Your supposed to be dead!"
"Why have you come back?"
Hiss after hiss, one angry comment after another until Night saw Roselily make her way through the cats, a hard look on her face. "Nightstripe? Brother?"
"Yes, its me, Roselily" he said quietly. "Why did you leave me and mother?" The pain was obvious in her voice. "B-because I didnt feel like I belonged here"
She looked at him angrily. "You have no idea, do you! Do you!" She said, her voice growing louder. "We grieved for you! We felt sorry for you! Our mother was ill for weeks! She had lost her mate and her son! But you betrayed us!"
Night cowered. "I am sorry, sister" Roselily glared. "You are no brother of mine" she stormed off. But soon the crowd was parted again when a muscular tom padded through. Night gasped. "Vaporstar!" Vaporstar looked at him, eyes narrowed. "Nightstripe? You were dead." He said, in a way like he was just establishing a fact. "W-Well thats the thing-" Vaporstar silenced him. "I think you need to come to my den." Night was about to interupt. "Now, would be good?" Vaporstar's gaze fell on Sun, Lily and Pebble. "They should come too"

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