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A Knock on the Door

This is just an idea I had - I'm still deciding whether I should continue it or not! . Submitted by Nim (Award 912), age 19

My steps cover the space of three feet about fifty times in two minutes. I walk back and forth like this until my brain can’t stand the motion any longer, finally just sitting down on the pavement to go over the plan one more time.

There is no noise coming from inside the house – no shouting or loud music or slamming of the back door, which is how I know that nobody’s up yet. From what I’ve heard, there must be a piano in there somewhere and a lot of kids, and they either have some kind of problem with their heating system so that it won’t turn off or they’re all hot-blooded. I know this because the majority of the time, the windows are wide open.
Suddenly, as if to prove my point, one of the windows on the second floor jolts open, and my eyes dart up from my position on the pavement. Before long I see a figure at the bottom floor window. Time to put my plan into action.

It is a very simple plan, though it’s taken me days to think over. I have been spying on this family ever since I came to stay with my grandparents across the street. People-watching is what I do in my spare time – sometimes I get so interested in other people’s lives that I forget about my own!
And right now, I think it’s about time that my current subjects actually know I exist…

I sprint across the road and through their overgrown gnome-ridden garden, pacing slowly towards the red painted front door. I stop next to a purple bicycle lying beside an upturned terracotta plant pot.
I smile, and knock.

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user comment Nim says: Thank you very much! :D
Sent on Sat 28th Jul 12

user comment freya says: WOW!! Thats really good!! You should definitely continue.
Sent on Mon 23rd Jul 12

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