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Act Of Wrong

Written for the contest Freedom by chantelle-97 on AllPoetry. It is about the discrimination black people faced from white people in the 1930s. It is taken from the view of a white person encouraging the blacks to protest so that she could join in with the protests.. Submitted by Nida (Award 196), age 21

Walking down the public street
Drawing shouts from the crowd
“Get out; we’ll beat you to the ground”,
Hold tight, oh woe, now now,
Will these taunts never end?

There is a corpse in the tree,
Surrounded by leeches,
Bitten, beaten, broken;
“Watch out, you’re next!”

It lurks in the dark,
This great nightmare;
Dreadful days, numerous nights,
Death awaits,
Just around the corner.

The screams pierce the air,
Jeers and scorn soon follow;
A sudden silence,
The deed is done,
Another black passes on.

The blanks watch with morbid curiosity,
As the carcass sways in the breeze;
The sickening smell of putrid flesh,
Floating way,
Taking with it this hateful sin.

Their torment is neverending,
How I wish I could help;
Start a revolution,
Free these people,
But Fate leaves with my hands tied.

Nature itself, they have tainted,
With the blood they draw from their prey;
Oh my friends, fight back,
Combat thy oppressors,
So I may legitimately join you.

This hatred has gone on for long enough,
‘Tis time to take a stand;
Come, oh people, join me,
In a mission to overcome,
This sinful act of wrong.

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