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My opinion on the new ebooks. Submitted by Lucy (Award 463), age 17

My opinion on the newly released Amazon Kindle is that it's ok. I dislike it because you can get ebooks and more on an ipad or another sort of tablet. But, it's good because it's cheaper and encourages young people that reading is cool if you use technology. I, personally, would rather read a book than use a kindle.That's because you don't get the thrill of turning each page and discovering a new world. Also some places don't allow technology and what if the battery ran out. What does everyone else think?

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user comment Emily says: I think a book is better-I think the invention of the kindle is good...but I would prefer to have a book. You cant break a book like you could a gadget. And like you say, what if the battery ran out. Nice piece.
Sent on Tue 18th Oct 11

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