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As Time Goes by...

This is a resubmission of 'Elegant but Delicate', there was nothing wrong with the photo itself, I just thought of a better name. This picture illustrates just how much i love nature. It was inspired by one of Emily's photos . Submitted by Lucy (Award 711), age 19


Comments (6)

user comment Charmaine says: Wow! Perfect close-up, and great focus!!
Sent on Fri 3rd Jan 14

user comment Joseph says: You've done a great job of this- it's simple but effective. :)
Sent on Tue 16th Jul 13

user comment Karina says: WOW! This photograph is so amazing I agree with Nim. Amazing.
Sent on Wed 19th Jun 13

user comment Ashley says: This is soo great! It looks as if you could have it printed on a canvas and hung up some where!
Sent on Fri 27th Apr 12

user comment Lucy says: That's a very professional and breathtaking photo!!Many adults would love to be able to take photos like that. (:
Sent on Sun 2nd Oct 11

user comment Nim says: This photo is FANTASTIC. Seriously! That's all I can say!! It looks so professional, too. Keep up the good work, Lucy :)
Sent on Tue 27th Sep 11

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