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This may not be a properly written poem, but I wrote what I felt! After coming home from a holiday in Blackpool, this was my experience. Submitted by Nim (Award 912), age 19

They say itís a town, but itís a city to me.
In the day the sea outshines the buildings
But at night it becomes a cave of dazzling lights.

There are no stars and no sun
No trees and no flowers.
The sky is a mist of pollution
And the ground is a web of concrete.

They say itís busy, but itís packed to me
With so many faces I see then forget
All with stony frowns or excited smiles.

There is no silence.
Every place is constantly changing, constantly entertaining
Every person constantly working or being served
Every thing is made to grab at your money.

The giant tower with the show of the circus
The stringy illuminations
Watching expressions of the people around me
The never-ending hum in my ears.

The ride in the horse and cart
The trip to the deafening arcade
The walk along the windy front
The melting taste of candyfloss.

At first it all seemed daunting
But I got used to it after a while.
When I didnít turn my mind to the homeless or the shabbiness
I really enjoyed the experience.

No one sees the beach, overturned by the manmade world
But I went there and the humming stopped.
Nothing here is free except for the sea
And thatís the place I loved best.

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