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a drawing I did as part of a bigger piece that I am currently working on. Submitted by Caitlin (Award 880), age 21


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user comment Louis says: Love this!
Sent on Thu 15th Nov 12

user comment Nim says: Wonderful. :-) Did the design come from your head, Caitlin?
Sent on Sun 21st Oct 12

user comment Mai says: WOW, love the shading and great detail! Amazing :)
Sent on Sun 7th Oct 12

user comment Jasmine says: what a wonderful piece of art work, any one would think its a real clock!
Sent on Wed 3rd Oct 12

user comment Morgan says: that is a stunning clock
Sent on Wed 3rd Oct 12

user comment Ashley says: GREAT!
Sent on Tue 18th Sep 12

user comment Nisha says: wow very nice, keep the brilliant work up!
Sent on Mon 17th Sep 12

user comment harriet says: I have looked at some other pieces by you! they're all amazing. I recently put some pieces on, please have a look at some, I would love your opinion :o :) amazing x
Sent on Sun 16th Sep 12

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