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Creases in the curtains (Archived)

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Creases in the curtains

The shadows at night, what are they? . Submitted by Emily (Award 3669), age 23

The shadows, they slowly turn to faces
Gradually, they creep forward, going at different paces,
The creases in the curtains turn to hills of sooty sand,
And the shadows turn to a face with features dull and bland
If so bland, then why so scary? I try to fall back to sleep
But the more I try to close my eyes, the quicker and quicker they creep,
They begin to dance in a haunting way,
The more scared I am, the longer they stay.
I laugh. I laugh out loud ignoring the faces gathering round
They stare at me with eyes of glass not making a sound
Soon enough, they go back, back to their home,
I'm left cold, feeling worried and alone,
The creases in the curtains are no longer hills of sand,
Could it be real? at night? curtains become a nightmare land?

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