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'Left, right, left, right' . Submitted by Megan (Award 126), age 20

‘Left, right, left, right’
Reach to the light,
‘Jump one, jump two’
Eyes stay true,
‘Point one and hold’
Artwork to behold
,‘Up two, three, four’
Head up a little more,
‘Forward, back, forward, back’
Make up for what you lack,
‘Point to the right’
Clothes pretty, skin tight,
‘Jump up a little high’
A face dazzling so you sigh,
‘End after you’ve twirled’
Dancing, a new world.

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user comment Sophie says: I like this. The rhythm is great!
Sent on Fri 9th Sep 11

user comment Emily says: nice work :-)
Sent on Tue 6th Sep 11

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