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After the Olympic flame was blown out at the closing ceremony, the Paralympians were excluded from the Olympics.. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

At the Olympic closing ceremony, the flame was blown out, but that is discrimination. The Paralympic games are yet to go on and yet the Olympic flame has died for another 4 years. Personally, when I heard, I was disgusted; many times London say how the Paralympic games, are just as important as the original Olympics, but how can people who claim to support the alternative games have excluded them? I know I may sound childish, but I care about the Paralympians, because they are no different than us, in fact they are more than us: because they have no limits. They are what I call superhumans because no matter what, nothing stops them. Missing limbs: no problem. Missing a sense: no problem.
So, if you feel that the Paralympians do not deserve discrimination, comment, share or do anything you like. But please, for all the people who have not let anything stop them, donít just keep scrolling.

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user comment Katie says: i know what you are saying. People should watch paralympics as much as olympics but you have to think, they had to make a different game for disabled people because it wouldn't be fair. But I do agree that the paralympics should be just as well known as the olympics
Sent on Sun 26th Aug 12

user comment louise says: I have just been informed (after many enquiries) that there is a Paralympic torch relay! Who knew about it? And how many people publicised it?
Sent on Sun 19th Aug 12

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