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edge hill

diary extract . Submitted by Tori (Award 27), age 16

As I readied myself for the huge battle that was about to emerge into my life, I took a moment....just a slight moment, to realize that after this the grass would no longer be green, it would be a blood-stained red, and not all of my friends would still be alive. The sergeants voice echoed through my trembling head, all that he had said to ready us for this. My heart was booming, thundering up my throat. Although I felt as if I didn’t have the courage to go into battle I had to trust my instincts and give it my best shot . Even though it was winter, I was sweating like mad, I staggered to the practice grounds. I practiced a little longer than I was supposed to. When I came out my heart was back in my chest and I was no longer trembling. My confidence had grew back as it got closer to 3 o clock. It was 5 minutes to 3 and we all sprinted to our hiding places . Slowly it
approached 3 o clock. Suddenly a distant voice shouted ‘’FIRE!!!!!’’. We waited for the muskets to fire. One man peered his head around, we all shouted ‘’NO’’. but it was too late blood poured from his head. Now the war had begun.....

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