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fagin's den

a descriptive paragraph about Fagin's den . Submitted by cobain (Award 37), age 15

As you open the damp, poorly hinged door you can see the abundance of steam ascending from the hot sizzling pan. With juicy, meaty bratwursts heating up tremendously within. The cold, wet breeze coming from the gap in the door way gives you goose bumps as it tickles your skin. The dirty children wearing ragged clothing stare at you. Fagin's shadow would look gloomily at you, resisting the hazardous smoke. Inside the badly constructed den there were rotten, wooden pillars nailed together with miniature stakes.

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user comment Kerrie says: Is this supposed to be out of Oliver. It's good but I think it could be improved a little
Sent on Sat 22nd Mar 14

user comment Cloudio says: good use of big words
Sent on Tue 24th Sep 13

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