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Drawn from photo reference, of my friend Fliss who I know is going to be a star!, x Looks better when put next to the photo I drew from.t xx Enjoy ;) . Submitted by Jordanne (Award 335), age 19


Comments (8)

user comment maisie says: this is a great drawing
Sent on Tue 19th Nov 13

user comment Wing says: you've portrayed her pose very well, but keep practicing! :D
Sent on Thu 14th Nov 13

user comment Holly says: Lovely !!!
Sent on Sun 29th Jul 12

user comment Abigail says: the way you do the eyes is just amazing
Sent on Wed 21st Mar 12

user comment Amber says: great shading! :D
Sent on Mon 13th Feb 12

user comment Rachel says: The eyes - wow! Those eyes are ike the coolest thing I've ever seen!
Sent on Mon 13th Feb 12

user comment Caitlin says: Nice plait, very pretty! :)
Sent on Fri 10th Feb 12

user comment Millie says: Wow thats amazing! I love the shading technique that you've used, and the plait, and the eyes and the lips and oh!
Sent on Wed 8th Feb 12

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