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Hong Kong

It is about Hong Kong, when I was there . Submitted by Irwina (Award 15), age 20

Morning, and a soft breeze is blowing my way.
The light shines through the curtains,
I wake to the sound of noisy, early traffic
The inside of my aunt's flat is stuffy and hot,
My cousins rush off to school, grabbing a bun on the way
I'm the only one who's awake, the others are fast asleep
As I step onto the pavement of the street,
The heatwave overthrows me and I quickly retreat.
Just as I go into the lift, memories comes flying back.
It's the summer holidays and everyone has gone,
To different parts of the world.
People often ask me what my culture is.
I say I'm British, but in my heart, I truly am Chinese.

Comments (3)

user comment Ruhi says: Second both comments, great poem, do keep it up!
Sent on Sat 17th Aug 13

user comment Alex says: I love the end bit: People often ask me what my culture is. I say i'm British, but in my heart, I am truly Chinese. It's an amazing way to end the poem.
Sent on Tue 13th Nov 12

user comment Phoebe Sophia says: Great poem. :)
Sent on Fri 2nd Mar 12

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