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Recently, it has been discovered that there have been . Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

I decided to look on the internet for the supermarket's interviews on the matter, and found that they claim that it was the beef baron's fault, because he sold them the burgers. Did the supermarkets not check the ingredients in the burgers?

"Tesco, the Co-operative Group and Aldi fired a supplier controlled by Ireland's most powerful beef baron on Wednesday for selling them burgers shown to contain horsemeat."

But surely, you would think that these “traces” of horsemeat, would be from an unclean abattoir knife? Wrong:
The Irish food safety watchdog said Tuesday that it had discovered traces of horse and pig DNA in burger products sold by some of the country's biggest supermarkets, including a burger sold by global retailer Tesco that authorities said was made of roughly 30 percent horse.

At first, I was shocked, thinking how could they let this happen? Then it hit me: they said some burgers also contained traces of pork; Jews can’t eat pork. Let me explain (for those who don’t know): the Jewish have certain food laws, restricting them from eating pork, along with various other meats.

As Jews don’t eat pork, I refuse to eat horsemeat: I live on a horse yard, surrounded by horses, I also have my own, Patch, who I love with all my heart, so I am disgusted at the idea of horsemeat in supermarket burgers. If you put a horse burger in front of me, I would think of the horse that died to make it. (On the other hand, the abattoirs that have come to us have always been kind and humane, giving the animals a noble death.)

Eventually, when I found the actual opinions of the supermarkets, they were adamant that it was not their fault, but put yourself in their shoes: you get a batch of burgers sent to your firm, and they’ve come from abroad, do you check the burgers, making sure they are 100% beef, or do you just straight away transport them to the shops?

But, on the lighter side of things, while I was researching, I saw someone had made a clever pun: at one point in the past year, Tesco had an offer on involving their “beef” burgers and fuel, so someone after the scandal, decided to call it… Horsepower.

However, back to the serious side of this: what is YOUR opinion; whose fault is it? Is it a big problem? Should charges be pressed against the supermarkets?

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user comment Matilda says: I agree highly Phoebe Sophia, I am a Vegetarian and believe that if you can eat cows that are treated in the same way, that you can eat horse meat. You can not be disgusted by eating horse meat when you eat beef and pork!
Sent on Mon 4th Mar 13

user comment Phoebe Sophia says: This is a good piece. However, I have my own opinions on this subject. I'm a vegan and am completely against any form of animal abuse or cruelty etc. I believe people should open their eyes more, all animals have a love for life and shouldn't be used for our benefits. I do not see how people who would happily eat a beef burger would not eat one with traces of horse meat in. Cows are animals with feelings and emotion just like a horse, in fact all animals have feelings and emotions, therefore we should treat them all with respect. You cannot class one animal as more important than another, they ALL have feelings and emotions. Check out this website for more information; :)
Sent on Mon 11th Feb 13

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