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I dare you.

Read to find out more.. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

Why is it that we all categorise each other, because some aspect of our lives? In the duration of World War II, in Germany, it was the Jews who had harsh judgements cast upon them, with horrific names such as Judenschwein thrust upon them, and acts of extreme genocide. Also, in the 1950’s, known as the age of “We’ve never had it so good” the segregation of black and white, continued the tradition of categorising people as if we were merely ornaments.

But sadly, I know that many of you reading this believe that something like this would never happen in the age of developments that we live in. However, it is with great sorrow that I point out, anyone who thinks this, is wrong. Everyday of our lives, we categorise each other. Whether it be through appearance, intelligence, creed, colour, or any number of things.

Categories such as swot, nerd, idiot and so many others separate us everyday. I am not saying I am some sort of angel, that I do not live inside one of these categories. I do.

But, we can break away from these categories. Something such as complementing someone, or saying “hi” to them can make feel accepted.

So, sitting here, typing this, I dare every single one of you, such an easy task, to just say “hi”. Just once, to someone outside of your circle of friends. Challenge the system. I dare you.

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user comment Shannon says: very good story a bit sad though.
Sent on Thu 10th Oct 13

user comment Precious says: COOL! I liked it!!!
Sent on Wed 9th Oct 13

user comment Mason says: :( Very Sad Isn't It. I Just Can't Believe My Eyes.
Sent on Wed 9th Oct 13

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