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I live alone

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I live alone

I live alone . Submitted by Dildeep (5), age 17

Dildeep: I live alone!

Lush green palm trees hang down at a slant over tropical blue waters that stretch out towards the horizon. As it was swaying from side to side slowly, a light breeze whistled in the air. Small rocks surround it, layered on top of each other, stopping the water splashing on the fine, golden sand that spread out for miles the other way. Picturesque views can be seen in the distance and nothing but blue skies can be seen up above other than the bright, golden ball of fire. This is the perfect Paradise Island and now it is the perfect home.

Well, I guess you are wondering why I am here in the first place and it's a long difficult story to tell, but, here it goes.

I came to this 'Paradise Island' during the summer holidays with my family and it was great until we decided to go for a swim. You know how people always say never to go too far out to sea and you never listen; unfortunately, now I know why they say that.

So I was out swimming, me and my younger sister until my sister hurt her leg. She went back to the caravan, at which time I got a phone call from my mum telling me not to stay out at sea too late. (Which I did) A treacherous whirlpool emerged from the bottom of the sea and I thought my life was coming to an end. Tears shed from my eyes while I got dragged beneath the water, which had now turned a murky brown. My heart was beating like a million clock towers chiming all at once. After a flash of different colours the sea was calm.

I came out of the water and no one was around, so I tried to find my way back to the caravan by climbing up the set of rocks, on which I climbed earlier with my little brother, only without all the safety gear. I was starting to feel a little apprehensive however I didn't let my feet stop climbing, as I did however, I heard voices shouting my names worriedly. I looked down at my brand-new waterproof watch I received off my dad and it read 11:01 pm. I nearly slipped down when I saw it however a breeze blew me back to where I was standing! I called out loudly but they could not hear me. More tears trickled down my eyes however I could not feel them rolling down my cheek! When I finally reached the top I noticed a small tent in the corner of a large rocky area. I saw light. I smelt food. I ran towards it with all the strength my legs had left. As I reached them I noticed a woman and a man both with fine white skin like porcelain. They stared at me but then their eyes showed sympathy instead of anger.

“ Hello darling, what's your name?” said the lady in a soft soothing town

I was so mesmerized by their pale faces and how they spoke; I forgot to answer the lady's question. Just as I was about to answer she started to say something else.

“Don’t worry, it always happens,” she laughed “so, where are you off to?”

I began to wonder what she meant by 'It always happens' but I gave it a rest and answered her question

“Sun port Caravan Site,” I replied “do you have any idea where it is?”

“Actually, I don't,” she said sheepishly as she offered me a packet of crisps “But if you close your eyes you will magically appear there but remember, we are always here for you!”

“You know a lot of people have been in your situation!” the man said as a blank expression fell on my face.

“Well, why do you live all alone?” I blurted out

“Well, don't be afraid, but, oh, I'll just say this,” he stuttered, “We are ghosts and no one can see us!

A look of horror filled my face, however the lady's calm face reassured me. I started to wonder why I could see them but I thought that wouldn't matter.

I closed my eyes for at least five minutes like the woman had told me and just when I was about to give up I was outside the caravan Site. As I walked towards my caravan, the moon shined brightly up above and I wondered if what just happened was a dream. The people were unbelievable, like make believe characters, and how I got back here and I don't really know, but I'm so glad to be back. I wondered why they said that they would always be there for me. I felt a feeling of foreboding as I walked towards my caravan as two police cars were parked outside. I saw all my family crying and screaming and I knew why. I decided to sneak inside and shout 'Hey everybody, I'm home,' however when I did so nobody turned towards me. It was then that I realised that....
I no longer belong to the living, but I had passed on beyond and now Paradise Island is where I live, alone!

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user comment Jessica says: That's areally original tske on living on a desert island. Your vocabulary is very extensive too!
Keep it up :)
Sent on Wed 6th Jan 10

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