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If I Could

I was outside in my garden one day, and I found myself thinking: 'What if I could...' - and when I went inside again I turned it into a poem.. . Submitted by Nim (Award 912), age 19

What if I could halt the sun
And catch the wind in a bottle?
Or pause the sea
And fade into a rainbow?

What if I could dance like the long grass
And sing like the swallows?
Or pour my heart out like a raincloud
And sleep like a daisy?

What if I could shine like dewdrops
And play like butterflies
Be as open as the sky
And as bold as a fire?

What if I could shout like bright colours
Or feel as free as the breeze?

If only I could.

Comments (3)

user comment Nim says: Thanks very much! :D
Sent on Thu 29th Nov 12

user comment Ruhi says: Brilliant talent Nim - keep it up!
Sent on Sun 25th Nov 12

user comment Ariadne says: This is wicked. You should make it a song!
Sent on Thu 15th Nov 12

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