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If Iron Man was a girl...

Following on the girl-Avengers theme: my second favourite Avenger, Tony Stark. Or more commonly known as Iron Man. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I DID THIS TRYING TO GET IT RIGHT?! Plus, Iron Man 3 is coming out soon so I thought it was 'the time'. Let me know what you think! . Submitted by Rachel (Award 650), age 22


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user comment Karina says: Wow! I really like this, Iron Man is my favourite avenger. How about doing the villain Loki as a girl?
Sent on Fri 28th Jun 13

user comment Jordanne says: this is awesome, my friend who really loves the avengers, loved this one and your thor one, can you please do a girl Hulk/Bruce Banner? xxx
Sent on Wed 26th Jun 13

user comment Nim says: I love your style! And the action pose. Well done :-)
Sent on Sun 5th May 13

user comment Matilda says: Brilliant:my favourite EVER avenger! I love her dress.
Sent on Sun 28th Apr 13

user comment Alice says: Wow! This is really good! I love the facial expressions.
Sent on Tue 23rd Apr 13

user comment Phoebe Sophia says: Great work! :)
Sent on Sun 21st Apr 13

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