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It's a sad life...being a tree (Archived)

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It's a sad life...being a tree

Just took a picture of the side of a tree, the forest just looked so lifeless, so I thought I'd do it in b&w and macro style. . Submitted by Emily (Award 3669), age 23


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user comment Emily says: Me neither. Thanks for commenting. xxx
Sent on Sat 8th Oct 11

user comment Ruhi says: This really strikes to my heart, I can't stand trees being damaged!.xox
Sent on Fri 7th Oct 11

user comment Emily says: Thank you for looking at my work and thank you for all your lovely comments!
Sent on Sun 2nd Oct 11

user comment Nim says: The more you look, the more powerful the photo feels. I really like this; nice job, Emily!
Sent on Sat 1st Oct 11

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