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It's your problem

A piece on sinking to a lower level.. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

If you speak ill of others,
You have sunken to their level.
If you hold a grudge,
You are wasting your OWN time, nobody elseís.

When you spread rumours,
You become the one exposed to hatred.
When you ridicule others,
You become the one to be despised.

Why do you bully others?
Because you feel insecure.
Why do you sink to their level?
Because you canít move on.

If you decide to take the high road,
Donít decide to look back.
If you decide to keep sinking,
Well, thatís your problem.

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user comment Nim says: Well done, Louise, this is really good!
Sent on Wed 26th Sep 12

user comment bryony says: this is a really good piece of poetry
Sent on Wed 29th Aug 12

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