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Jane Eyre

I went to see this yesterday for my Friends 17th Birthday. . Submitted by Emily (Award 3669), age 23

Some people may not like Drama's like Jane Eyre, but, I love them...and when I saw that the movie was showing at the Ritz, Belper, I had to go and see it. So, I did. And I am glad I did because in my opinion, it was amazing.

Jane lives with her cruel aunt Mrs Reed as a child. Jane "has a heart of spite and she is full of wickedness," Mrs Reed tells Mr Brocklehurst, the sadistic headmaster of Lowood charity school, who spirits Jane away to her grim fate. A friendship with sickly girl Helen Burns stiffens Jane's resolve and once she comes of age, she finds a place to work at Thornfield as a governess for the young ward of Edward Rochester.

The plot is in flashback form-which as you know, I love, Jodi Picoults books are usually Flashbacks...great way to tell a story! Jane, Orphaned, cruelly treated as a child, beaten and humiliated, she has endured a brutal boarding school life with lavish Christian hypocrisy, But, as I said above, she goes to Thornfield Hall, which is a remote house in the Yorkshire Peak District, She teaches a precocious little French girl, a position that showcases Jane's fluent and idiomatic command of the language.

I think anyone who likes these sort of films should go and watch it to find out what goes on, I won't give too much away, you may have read the books...but if not, maybe you could do that, too!

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user comment Emily says: Thank you :) I wouldn't want to spoil it
Sent on Tue 4th Oct 11

user comment Lucy says: Great!!I love how you've told the reader bits about the film but you're not giving too much away.....(:
Sent on Mon 3rd Oct 11

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