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Kurt Cobain- Nirvana (Archived)

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Kurt Cobain- Nirvana

A drawing of Kurt Cobain, someone I find very inspirational.. Submitted by Cara (Award 242), age 22


Comments (3)

user comment Lucy says: Wow it looks so much like him! :O
Sent on Fri 3rd Aug 12

user comment Caitlin says: I really like this!! It's so good!!! It's great how you've made it look so realistic whilst still keeping the lines simple for a really stand out effect! well done! :)
Sent on Sat 3rd Sep 11

user comment Jess says: This is good! I like how you have drawn the hair and the eyes, they make him look more realistic because they stand out. Fantastic!
Sent on Thu 1st Sep 11

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