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Lady Gaga

Drawing of Lady Gaga, took about 4 hours:). Submitted by Cara (Award 242), age 22


Comments (20)

user comment Mai says: BEST DRAWING I'VE SEEN FOR AGES!
Sent on Fri 21st Sep 12

user comment Lucy says: Amazinggg!!!!!!!!! It's one of the best drawings I've seen in a while x
Sent on Tue 7th Aug 12

user comment Lucy says: Wow wish I could draw like this! :)
Sent on Fri 3rd Aug 12

user comment Holly says: WOW ... absolutely amazing !!! I love Lady Gaga too !!!! =D
Sent on Sun 29th Jul 12

user comment Alice says: It's not a photo?
It looks too good to be true...
Sent on Wed 18th Jul 12

user comment Henry says: Amazing brilliant stunning did you really do that!?
Sent on Tue 7th Feb 12

user comment Molly says: You are a really good drawer!
Sent on Mon 6th Feb 12

user comment Matilda says: I honestly thought this was a photo. You are so talented, keep it up!^.^
Sent on Sat 14th Jan 12

user comment Romy says: wow! you are really talented Cara it looks like a cover shot for one of her albums :D
Sent on Thu 12th Jan 12

user comment Cara says: Thank you for all the lovely comments:)
Sent on Wed 4th Jan 12

user comment louise says: I love that!!! I could never draw like that.
Sent on Tue 3rd Jan 12

user comment Temi says: Wow, done in 4 hours! Amazing work :)
Sent on Sun 1st Jan 12

user comment Lucy says: I LOVE IT!!!!! keep drawing xxx :D
Sent on Fri 30th Dec 11

user comment Emma says: Wow. That is so awesome. The eyes and the mouth are just... wow.
Sent on Thu 29th Dec 11

user comment Emily says: This is really good! I love the colours, well done
Sent on Tue 27th Dec 11

user comment Annie says: wow great likeness!!! You could be the next Van Gogh
Sent on Mon 26th Dec 11

user comment Caitlin says: Beautiful in a scary way, perfect! It's like a photo of her! Wow. It's amazing. I wish I could be as good as that ;)
Sent on Sun 25th Dec 11

user comment Sharmin says: Amusing :)
Sent on Sat 24th Dec 11

user comment Phoebe Sophia says: Brilliant! :)
Sent on Sat 24th Dec 11

user comment Lorna says: :o wow!! that is absolutely stunning!! you could be an amazing artist one day!!
Sent on Sat 24th Dec 11

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