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Leopard Eye

This is a drawing of a picture I found of make up done based on blue leopard print. . Submitted by Temi (Award 299), age 22


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user comment Temi says: I was meant to be at the Oscar but unfortunately I couldn't make it because I had a Maths GCSE Exam on the same day. I was so disappointed to be missing it but I just had to :( How did it go in the end?
Sent on Sun 13th Nov 11

user comment Lucy says: This is really good :) How come you weren't at the Oscars, I thought you were meant to be there? x
Sent on Fri 11th Nov 11

user comment Temi says: Thanks!
Sent on Wed 5th Oct 11

user comment Ruhi says: Great sketch!.xoxo
Sent on Mon 3rd Oct 11

user comment Temi says: Left < Picture || Drawing > Right
Sent on Thu 29th Sep 11

user comment Emily says: wow
Sent on Thu 29th Sep 11

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