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Let go.

A short poem. . Submitted by Emily (Award 92), age 19

I cried as I tried to let go.
I cried and
I cried and
I cried.
I carried on crying until my heart stopped beating.
I missed you.
I miss you.
I lost you.
I didn't mean to,
I didn't want to,
but I did.
And it killed me.
The silver lines defining my wrist were only a temporary comfort,
Until they weren't enough.

Nothing was.

I cried as I tried to let go,
But I couldn't.
And I never will.

Comments (8)

user comment Kia-Marie says: This has a lot of inside meaning to people. I'm not sure how many people what this poem is actually about, especially people who feel the same who have delt with similar issues. well done.
Sent on Thu 19th Jun 14

user comment Kerrie says: WOW! Very good but very sad
Sent on Tue 11th Mar 14

user comment Precious says: Wow Emily, this is great and sad. I
love the quotes you used as well.
Sent on Fri 7th Mar 14

user comment Lydia says: This poem is really good
Sent on Sat 1st Mar 14

user comment kiri says: creative and sad, so good despite :)
Sent on Thu 13th Feb 14

user comment Shannon says: wow that was amazing...
Sent on Wed 15th Jan 14

user comment Nim says: The simplicity of this is what makes it stand out. I especially like the last three lines. Well done :)
Sent on Tue 7th Jan 14

user comment Emily says: Wonderful, Emily. i LOVE "The silver lines defining my wrist were only a temporary comfort"
Sent on Sat 4th Jan 14

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