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LG Arena

This is about my wonderful time at LG Arena. It tells you what we did there and what my favorite part was. . Submitted by Kirendeep (Award 43), age 15

Hi, my name is Kirendeep and I am here to tell you about my wonderful time at the LG Arena.

When I was in the LG Arena I had the most ecstatic and phenomenal time I have had in my whole life (I'm not joking, I'm dead serious.) in addition to this, it was a once in a lifetime chance. Furthermore, we got to sing with the most talented and famous singers. It was breathtaking, Honestly, if you were there in my place you would have felt the exact same way without a doubt.

Meanwhile, while I was there I got to look around the fantastic and amazing place. It took quite a while and I'm sure you know why. The best part is still yet to come ... We had the most delicious cookies ever. THEY WERE THE BEST!! In fact they were so luscious and scrumptious I wanted to stuff my face even more. Have you ever had anything that makes you feel like that? If not them don't worry because I'm positive it'll happen to you very soon. It happens to me all the time and I think you know how frenzied and frenetic I go.

Anyway that is all and I hope you all loved to learn about what makes me happy. If you didn't it doesn't bother me because I know there are people out there who do.

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