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Life in the Workhouse (Archived)

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Life in the Workhouse

This is a description about what life is all about in the workhouse. It tells you how children are treated in the workhouse which was in the victorian times. . Submitted by Kirendeep (Award 43), age 15

Dear Diary.

Today has been my first day here at the workhouse and let me tell you it has been horrible. When I arrived in the workhouse (4.00 in the morning) it felt as if I had been sent to the Marshalsea Prison. In addition to this, there are thousands of windows but there is not a single curtain.

Sunday 28th 1858.

It has been a whole week since I have been working in this stinky, dull workhouse and it hasn't been pleasant. We have to wake up really early in the morning and work till night. The only meal we get between thoughs hours is a watery porridge called gruel. They give us dirty worn out rags that looks like a piece of scrap and yellowed with age. When I first saw them I thought they were from the dustbin (I wouldn't be surprised if they were). At night time we have to sleep in the dormitory and there are rwo people in one bed.They lock the door so we can't get out until the morning. I miss my mother most of all at night, but she works in the block next to me (so it's difficut for me to see her). You can't ever cry, because if you do, you will get whipped by the master and everyone will have to watch you. If someone gets whipped, everyone has to watch that person's blood splatter everywhere. If you go to the toilet you have one bucket in the dormitory (which is used as a toilet).
Can you imagine the smell?...

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user comment gurcharan says: The diary was really interesting
Sent on Mon 14th Oct 13

user comment sharan kalsi says: splendid work Kirendeep
Sent on Wed 9th Oct 13

user comment Sumaya says: Like it fab!
Sent on Thu 3rd Oct 13

user comment Daisy says: Great kirendeep. That was sooo good!
Sent on Wed 25th Sep 13

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