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Lilly and the Dragon part 1

The first part of a story I'm making up, I hope you like it!. Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

Lily woke up. Her head was aching so she rubbed it. 'Ow!' she exclaimed as a huge hail ball fell in her eye. She stood up, yawned, stretched and opened her travel pouch she had made from the deer skin. Inside the warm bag was two bunches of berries and a handful of deer meat. She ate a few berries and a strip of deer meat and ran to the trees that would shelter her from the hail. She realised why her head was aching. She had slept with her bow still strung across her back; this reminded her she needed to hunt as she barely had any food left. She left her pouch in a hollow oak but she kept her bow and sheath with her. She ran to a nearby pond which was one of her favourite hunting spots and she waited…
A few hours later just as Lilly was going to give up the hunt a small deer limped across the far end of the pond; this deer would last her months just as the other one did. She hid behind the broad trunk of a willow tree and took aim. She pulled the string back and let go, the deer saw it coming and tried to run away, however her limp made her slow so the arrow was going to meet its target at the rear end of the deer. ‘BANG!’ a blue explosion knocked the arrow in the opposite direction, The explosions vibrations grew ever nearer to Lily so she began to run, faster and faster she ran but the vibrations were catching up. They reached her back and flung her into the air, she screamed loudly but of course no-one could hear her. She was lifted into the air along with other debry such as trees. Slowly the vibrations faded away and dropped Lilly’s thin body near to where the explosion had occurred.
She had never witnessed an explosion that big and never seen one that big heard of before. She thought of the time with her mother, when they had watched the disasters on the news, She had asked her mother if it would every happen to her, or to the family. Her mother had shook her head and pocked her on the belly, ready for another tickle fight. Tears began to form in Lilly’s eyes. ‘Don’t think of her Lilly, she’s gone now, won’t ever come back.’ She rubbed away her tears with her ragged sleeve and looked at her surroundings. They were wrecked, tree’s roots ripped from the ground, bird’s nests nothing but sticks and broken eggs all around her. She was glad she had survived, her bow and arrows too, but the wildlife was dead, from ants to trees, only she had survived.
She was ready to investigate, to find the source of this ground-breaking explosion. She wandered for a while, her legs were weak but she could manage to walk. Eventually she found the source- or what she thought it was. In the middle of a clearing was a polished, blue dragon egg.

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user comment Emily says: Thank you daisy
Sent on Mon 25th Nov 13

user comment daisy says: very sad and creative
try to use words repetitively
Sent on Tue 19th Nov 13

user comment Emily says: Thanks.
Sent on Thu 14th Nov 13

user comment Amy says: Great story! I wish I could write like that! Can't wait for the next one!
Sent on Tue 12th Nov 13

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