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Lost. Chapter Two. (Archived)

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Lost. Chapter Two.

Athenodora, the head of the mysterious Argletamgem Coven, is a beautiful woman who saves Victoria from possible death. She also takes Victoria to the sacred village of the Argletamgems, where a magical boy is waiting.... Submitted by Mai (Award 546), age 16

The silence seemed to hang for hours, even though I know it must have been only a handful of seconds. Heidi snarled and glared at me; Jane screeched and pointed her weapon at me menacingly. All the other women readied their weapons.
Out of nowhere came four spears. I barely had time to blink.
A long alabaster arm swiped the air in front of me. There was a flash of light; one spear dropped to the ground, another dived into the soil, one burst into flames and the last crumbled into nearly a million shambles.
I stared at the pile of mahogany stick in front of me, bewildered. Had I just witnessed –
“Enough!” The soprano voice was cold, so cold it was like diving into the Arctic Ocean. Athenodora dropped her flawless arm and pointed at the debris of spears. “Who did this?”
Jane’s golden eyes burned, and her jaw clenched.
“Jane. Come forward.” So Athenodora could sense things? Could she really sense good in me? She pointed at the spears. They disappeared in a puff of smoke. Her violet eyes glared frostily at Jane. Her hand leapt up to Jane’s face. The slap echoed across the Enchanted Meadow. Jane’s mouth opened to howl, but Heidi bounded forwards and clapped her slender hand over Jane’s mouth. Her expression was blank, but I say shock behind the impassive mask. Her scarlet, velvet-rose eyes were wide.
Athenodora dropped her hand. Her voice harmonic voice was still cold as she declared, “Your weapon, please.” Jane handed Athenodora the silver mace. Her left cheek was a subtle shell-pink from Athenodora’s slap. Jane seemed slightly agitated. “You can survive without a weapon,” Athenodora reminded her. “You are as swift using your body and magic as with a weapon, dear Jane.” And to everyone’s amazement Athenodora kissed Jane on the brow!
I watched all of this in wonder. Athenodora turned back to me. “The Argletamgem Coven is a clan of women with jewel-coloured eyes, good looks and magical abilities.” Heidi seemed to be bracing herself. Jane had subsided into silence.
“Your Wisdom,” Heidi burst out suddenly. “Mayn’t we speak of our truths and sacredocities in our home?”
“Of course.” Athenodora bowed her cherubic face. An angelic smile washed over her perfect features. “That is a wonderful idea, Heidi!”
So quickly I couldn’t see it coming, she swept me up in her arms as if I were a rag doll! I seemed to fly through the air for a moment. The scents of lilac and lavender and hyacinth and chocolate and roasted hazelnuts and violets and crushed pine needles filled my nostrils. Just then, everything stopped moving. The women were around us, Jane and Heidi beside us. Athenodora put me down gently. The beautiful scents were gone. Were they from my ride?
Heidi’s pale white-gold ringlets were so closed they were brushing against my arm. Her own arm was the colour of honey. I gazed at the comparison for a moment, then I glanced up.
We were standing in front of a strong silver gate. It made me feel intimidated, but I swallowed as Jane sloped up to the intricate silverwork and murmured something. Loudly, she then announced, “I am Jane of the Argletamgem Coven. The rest of the coven is with me,” and them some words in I tongue I was unfamiliar with.
The heavy metal gates slowly swung open.
In the gateway was a boy.

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