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Melted peace....

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Melted peace....

Also done as a gift ... . Submitted by Gemma (Award 394), age 20


Comments (28)

user comment Kirendeep says: That is so cool and creative. I was speechless. I absolutely love creative and unique art.
Sent on Sat 6th Sep 14

user comment shelby says: that's amazing how did you do that ?
Sent on Mon 7th Apr 14

user comment Emily says: Really nice! great to see some work in the painting house on here :)
Sent on Sat 5th Apr 14

user comment emmie says: really creative that's brilliant
Sent on Mon 3rd Mar 14

user comment aimee says: Oh wow this is great,there was a design like this on blue Peter
Sent on Fri 28th Feb 14

user comment daisy says: brilliant! really creative!
Sent on Tue 19th Nov 13

user comment Wing says: I love the crayon effect ....! Its so magical :3
Sent on Tue 15th Oct 13

user comment kiri says: I've always wanted to melt wax crayons for affects like that...Its amazing.
Sent on Sun 13th Oct 13

user comment Shannon says: great picture
Sent on Sat 12th Oct 13

user comment Precious says: *WOW I like the way you used objects not paint!!!
Sent on Wed 9th Oct 13

user comment Shreya says: AMAZING!!!!
Keep up the great work, I really don't know how to explain. I am speechless.
Sent on Sat 28th Sep 13

user comment Emily says: I love this! what a great idea! the formation of the melted crayon is beautiful!
Sent on Thu 26th Sep 13

user comment Shreya says: AMAZING
Sent on Tue 24th Sep 13

user comment louise says: WOW!
Sent on Tue 9th Jul 13

user comment Gemma says: thank you :)
Sent on Mon 24th Jun 13

user comment Molly-May says: I really like it. Very original
Sent on Wed 19th Jun 13

user comment Matilda says: So clever and creative.
Sent on Sun 28th Apr 13

user comment Gemma says: thank you
Sent on Thu 18th Apr 13

user comment Phoebe Sophia says: This is AMAZING! WOW! Great work! :)
Sent on Sun 24th Mar 13

user comment Natasha says: Wow how did you do it?
Sent on Mon 11th Mar 13

user comment Aurusha says: WOW
Sent on Thu 7th Mar 13

user comment Gemma says: .....and its crayons melted and stuck on a canvas
Sent on Sat 2nd Feb 13

user comment Gemma says: thank you
Sent on Wed 30th Jan 13

user comment Nim says: Is this a photo or a drawing? It's really cool, nice idea! :D
Sent on Wed 23rd Jan 13

user comment Gemma says: thank you
Sent on Tue 15th Jan 13

user comment Poorna says: creative
Sent on Sun 13th Jan 13

user comment Gemma says: :)
Sent on Wed 9th Jan 13

user comment Ashley says: :O BRILL!
Sent on Fri 4th Jan 13

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