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what it says in the title, traditional work from me this time ;) . Submitted by Hazel (Award 184), age 21


Comments (13)

user comment Mai says: love it all, the hair, the tail, the colours, WOW
Sent on Fri 21st Sep 12

user comment Holly says: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Sent on Sun 29th Jul 12

user comment Katie says: wow
Sent on Sat 28th Jul 12

user comment Beth says: Simply WOW
Sent on Thu 7th Jun 12

user comment Fay says: This is amazing and magical, I love all of your work Hazel! You are sooooo talented! XXFayXX
Sent on Fri 20th Apr 12

user comment Emily says: simply brilliant
Sent on Thu 12th Apr 12

user comment Matilda says: Wow! That is absolutely amazing! So good.
Sent on Sat 12th Nov 11

user comment Lucy says: seriously, who's your art teacher? If she can help people do stuff like this I'm moving to your school!
Sent on Fri 11th Nov 11

user comment Renesha says: a... ma... zing
Sent on Mon 17th Oct 11

user comment harriet furnival says: wooow this is a pure artist a massive well done you are the best the features are breathtaking
Sent on Wed 12th Oct 11

user comment Caitlin says: Beautiful, especially the gorgeous swishy hair! x
Sent on Mon 10th Oct 11

user comment Bridgiie says: You are very talented, Hazel!! Your sketches are amazing!!
Sent on Sat 8th Oct 11

user comment Leah says: Wow!!!! All your artwork is fantastic!!
Sent on Thu 6th Oct 11

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