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A computer game review of an awesome game called minecraft . Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

Minecraft is a computer game created by someone called Notch. Everything is square except for a few items but they are made of squares. You start the game in the day with nothing so you have to gather resources to survive. There are three modes. The first is creative mode where you can fly, you can't die and you have unlimited resources. Survival Mode is the next one, the original one with mobs like creepers( they explode ) zombies ( that try to kill you ) and so on. You have to build a house and survive. If you die in survival you can respawn but lose everything in you inventory. Hardcore is the same as survival exept you cant respawn. It is a fun, addictive game and it is worth how much it costs ( 19.97 ) as you will enjoy it thoroughly. I hope you get it! :-)

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user comment Emily says: Thanks wing, I agree
Sent on Mon 25th Nov 13

user comment Wing says: Yes, Minecraft is very addictive once you get the full game! I also advise everyone to try Minecraft just for the fun of it! :D
Sent on Thu 14th Nov 13

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