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a dystopian story, about a girl who is hiding from the demons. total darkness. . Submitted by Kia-Marie (Award 15), age 18

This world is different. In a few 1000 years, earth has changed rapidly. They weren’t who they said they were. They lied. To all of us. As they landed here, we were scared but not as scared we have been. Oh hi, this is my story of the ongoing war; us ‘humans’ now live in. I am Cherry Smith but to save everyone else I will change their names. I will probably be gone now; disappeared into the land they call ‘the mist’. I tired, I really did try to save everyone, and I am still trying now. As I write this, I am determined to get the land we used to call earth back to normal.
The angels or as we call them; the demons. Came to our world. We knew that day would come but not as this. We heard about them, our ancestors warned everyone, telling ancient tales. They invaded, they seeked peace, we believed them and as they said; “no war” we had to take the risk.No one wanted more lives to be gone, if only we listened.
The demons as they came to live on our planet were demanded for every human to wear the same, speak the same language and have no individuality. We agreed, what can I say? Everyone was scared. I on the other hand, was a part of a secret society. I am the only one left. They brainwashed everyone but I managed to get out, so did a few others. I don’t remember how. Darkness. That is all. Just plain darkness. I thought it was a dream. If only it was.
My family are gone. My friends have gone. I had no one. Just me, myself and I. I tried to be scared terrified even, but nothing worked. I had to just carry on and blend in. Trying to be undercover. I met a couple of other people on the way to. ‘Aimee’; the weird but creative one, she was from Scotland; she had red hair and hazel eyes. We talked quietly. The angles were everywhere watching everyone, cameras. They watched us and they made sure we knew. TV’s came on at the same time everyday. While they weren’t on they just had their slogan ‘we are watching you’ with our now leader, none as big brother, no-one knew his name. His real name. There was one place they didn’t have control over...the woods. I told Aimee where to go and she brought two more people on the way and this is where the society was created; we called ourselves the mistaken.
‘Patrick’ was 11, but stronger and taller then he should be. He was from France, knew very little English but was smarter than someone who was 32 or even older. He was the brains. He had bleached blonde hair and sky blue eyes. The last recruit was another boy but we hardly knew anything about him. He was mysterious with his black hair, black clothes and dark deep green eyes. We hardly knew him, the others didn’t trust him. I did, there was something about him. He never told us his name or where he came from. He spoke good English but wasn’t from around here. For the purpose of the story I will call him ‘Matt’.
Remember I cannot call them by their real names; you have to remember that, otherwise they will find me, the demons will execute me.
“Cherry, be careful” Patrick and Aimee whispered while Matt his was sorting the daily plan. I never listened; I did the opposite of what people said.
Maybe I should of listened. Now, all I hear are Aimee’s and Patrick’s voice in my head. Flash backs. I went into complete darkness.

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