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More People

Just a short poem about the fact that there is more people in the world that you know.. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

Bang! The world stood still,
In one forlorn, young, soldiers mind,
Thinking of his beloved wife,
And her deep chocolate eyes,

Crash! The world shattered,
In one numerously broken heart,
Remembering his treasured son,
And his lost emerald eyes.

Slap! The world stopped sharp,
In one naive girl’s face,
Wishing for her departed mother,
And her exceptional saffron eyes.

Crack! The world was crushed,
In one timorous boy’s mind,
Calling for his sincere love,
And her malevolent, devil red eyes.

Out there, in another corner of the world,
More eyes are deftly watching,
More hearts are solemnly beating,
More minds are innocuously wondering.

Out there, there’s someone like you.

Comments (2)

user comment Charmaine says: I like this, I can actually picture a story in my head! Not many can do that, but yours gleamed in my face, great work! I'd love to read some more of your work!
Sent on Fri 27th Sep 13

user comment Matilda says: Like the relation to the eyes. Really cool idea.
Sent on Sat 4th May 13

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