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Mum's funny story

For English, we had to listen to a story from our parents and read it out in English, and here's mine... Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

We used to play games at high school when we could go into classroom if it was raining . I know its wrong now, but we played dodgeball, inside, with books; if someone used to come in we dive bombed them, and pelt them with books as they came from lunch.

One afternoon, a girl came in and suddenly realised what we were doing, and ran across to the windows ,so, the best rounders player in the class, had hold of a book and threw it, at the girl standing in front of the windows, quickly the girl ducked, and guess what happened? She smashed the windows, but there was a nice handy man at school and we went to him and told him that wed cracked the window trying to open it with the window pole and wed slipped by accident and we were scared we would get in trouble. He looked at the damage and went and saw the headmistress, to explain what happened. And, we got away with it...

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