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Music means so much to so many. (Archived)

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Music means so much to so many.

Most don't even realise how much music means to them, or truly appreciate its full value. Submitted by Rebecca (Award 94), age 21

Music is a powerful thing. There is a genre for every mood possible.
If you're happy, you may play something lively and dance around 'til you're red in the face and panting.
If you're sad, you may play something slow and sit crying along to the words because it helps you to let it all out.
If you're angry, turn it up loud and let the heavy bass echo your mood.
If your home alone, the first thing you do is plug your Ipod in, volume: DEAFENING!
But music is a way of expression. It touches the hearts and lives of so many people.
So many people in this world are going through similar things, that all it takes if for one person to take all that emotion and turn it into a song, and suddenly, those people can understand that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The lyrics in a song can be the turning point for some people, realising that there is another way out and they don't have to deal with the hurt on their own.
Celebrities are such role models in this world, that when they lay themselves bare in a song and let all there hurt out, others see that it is alright for them to do the same, and that even famous people have problems. Nobody's Perfect as Jessie J herself said.

Music inspires me so much. I write to music. I dance to music. I sing to music.
I live to music.

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user comment Katie says: that's very true. I live for music. I breathe it in, it's more nutritious than food.
Sent on Wed 2nd Nov 11

user comment Grace says: Well said :) I completely agree... music is my life, I play guitar and clarinet, and am a proud killjoy, nimrod, & little monster ;) I sing and write poetry/lyrics too..... music is LITERALLY my life! :DD
Sent on Wed 28th Sep 11

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