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My Day

This is an essay about what I did to today and why I am sooo excited.. Submitted by Kirendeep (Award 43), age 15

Today I am going to tell you why I am very joyful and enthusiastic.

To start off with I would like to mention that our leavers assembly was hilarious and that all the parents and pupils were bursting with laughter. They were laughing so much that I wouldn't be surprised if they started to cry. In addition to this, the best bit was that we got to take the mick out of the teachers and even embarrass them.

Furthermore, it was a scorching hot day today and I got to stuff my mouth with ice-cream until my stomach could no longer take in all that freezing cold food. The melodic birds hypnotizing me with their gorgeous voices as they sing to each other. All I can see are the brightly coloured flowers popping out everywhere as if they were trying to stop me from the path I am going towards. Is it wrong or is it right? Butterflies soaring high into the sky as they start to grow up and are ready to fly. As they spread their colourful wings I feel a light inside me that starts to glow making me feel ecstatic and ready to soar. Their symmetrical wings making me think of how wonderful it would be if I were a butterfly.

Meanwhile my phenomenal SATs results made me feel really pleased. In fact I was so pleased with mt results I was taken to a whole new world for a minute or two until I was snapped back to reality. In addition to this, I got level 5 in all my subject and they were: Maths, English and SPAG (spelling punctuation and spelling.) However this isn't the only achievement I made because I cam third in the kickboxing competition and this is the first time my school has ever entered it.

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