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One day

Little girl watches eyes lit high At the dancers that make her sigh . Submitted by Megan (Award 126), age 20

Lights dazzle the stage
Curtains draw a cage,
Air is dark as deep night
Anticipation for sudden light,
Violins sing in the air
Curtain gone, stage bare,
Whispers die to a low hiss
Not a thing they wish to miss,
Limbs long, straight as sky
Reaching up,oh so high,
Bodies stunning twirling
Clothes prettily whirling,
Ribbon tucked out of sight
Pointed flying a new height,
Beauty in its greatest hour
Music essence with pure power,
Eyes fixed never away
Not a word you can say,
Little girl watches, eyes lit high
At the dancers that make her sigh,
One day she says, 'Iíll be here to stay
One day, Iíll be part of the Royal Ballet'.

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