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Our voices

This is for every one of us on this site. . Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

This is for of all of the people on this site. They torment us, but we stay strong. When we achieve high marks, they jeer at us and try to make us feel weak. But, we all know why they do it. They are insecure. They do not feel happy with themselves, but it is their problem not ours.
It is their baggage, we do not need it. So next time they torment you, merely look them in the eye and say: 'Iím sorry'.
We are not apologising for our actions, we are showing our understanding. They feel inadequate. But they are not. Beneath their outer shell, under every skin there is a heart of gold. This is not a simple rant about the tormenters. This is my way of ending the constant battle that I am sure many of you fight every day.

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user comment Jack says: That is so true...
Sent on Thu 16th May 13

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