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It's only an opinion.. . Submitted by Megan (Award 126), age 20

Twilight is overrated...
I like it
But Iím not obsessed.

Harry Potter is overrated...
Half of it makes no sense
But I wonít judge the fans.

Spongebob is overrated...
Itís just annoying
But you might like it.

Saw is overrated...
Itís pointless
But people love it.

Opinions are overdramatized...
Itís only an opinion
But everyone is entitled to one.

Comments (3)

user comment Emily says: Saw is this really weird horror film, well, there's quit a few and they are horrendously gory. I agree, I think that everyone has their opinion and it's interesting to see how different people see things and how many people like one thing that so many people dislike.
Sent on Tue 13th Sep 11

user comment Keeley says: Personally, I dislike all of the things you have listed above, (apart from Saw. I don't even know what that is). But if others like it, then that's THEIR personal opinion and they shouldn't be judged for it.

It's nice to see someone write a poem, explaining that people are entitled to their own opinions! Because it's true!
Sent on Thu 8th Sep 11

user comment Emily says: Your work is very interesting, you have a very different way of writing and I think you should get noticed for it.
Sent on Tue 6th Sep 11

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