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Purple Girl

A Girl In A Purple Dress With Brown Hair And Green Eyes.. Submitted by Eleanor (Award 27), age 21


Comments (5)

user comment Karina says: Wow! I found that really realistic! Very good!
Sent on Mon 29th Oct 12

user comment Megan says: that is great!
Sent on Sat 28th Jan 12

user comment Sophie says: I think this is really good you must have worked on this for ages!
Sent on Sat 28th Jan 12

user comment Eleanor says: Well It Isn't Finished Yet So Yanno,,
Sent on Wed 12th Oct 11

user comment Caitlin says: I really like this! For an even more amazing effect you could maybe add some shadows onto the face or some bolder lines. Great job!!! :) x
Sent on Mon 10th Oct 11

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