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Rosy Red Rose

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Rosy Red Rose

These Roses were on the dog walk I went on just after it had been raining quite heavily, red roses are one of my favourite flowers! . Submitted by Lucy (Award 711), age 19


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user comment Charmaine says: I love how you've captured the water droplets on there! :)
Sent on Fri 3rd Jan 14

user comment Karina says: Lovely roses. Great picture to look at.
Sent on Wed 19th Jun 13

user comment Mai says: Beautiful, the rain makes the roses shine! Really suits the name!
Sent on Fri 21st Sep 12

user comment chloe says: cool cool cool and more cool
Sent on Wed 18th Jan 12

user comment Emily says: Nice shot, definitely capture the drops of rain.
Sent on Tue 27th Sep 11

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