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So what?

This is the voice of everyone considered an outcast!. Submitted by louise (Award 565), age 16

I donít have the newest clothes,
Whatís the point?
I donít care about your flashy new gadgets,
Why should I?
You donít like me because of this,
So what?

I care more about my mind than my appearance,
Whatís wrong with that?
I would rather be intelligent than popular,
Why does it matter?
If this makes me an outcast,
So what?

My dream is for intelligence to be valued,
Why do you make fun of me?
I decide my own fate,
Why should society make my choices?
You think that laughing at me will help,
So what?

Now, when I make my dream a reality,
You will wish you had taken an interest,
When you claim you helped me make my way to success,
I will not sink to your level, I wonít mind or care,
My life is mine,
I will not let you take it away...

Comments (3)

user comment Annie says: WOW! Such a great piece, I would love to find out what inspired you to write this!!! Well done!
Sent on Tue 12th Jun 12

user comment Joan says: well done!
Sent on Fri 8th Jun 12

user comment Megan says: absolutely incredible!!! i would love u to tell me what inspired you to write this. I love writing with a poignant message behind it , and this a perfect example. WOW!!!!
Sent on Thu 7th Jun 12

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