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Squares, Circles and triangles

A scary story Ive been working on. It's generally supposed to be a short one but I made a long version. Hope you like it! :D. Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15

PHM scary story

Abbey closed her eyes and sighed. She was 20 and still hadn't found her true love. Yes, she had had a shot at it but neither Ryan, Jordan or Tom were the right ones for her. As she walked solemnly along the street a handsome man cough her eye. She changed directions, plastered a fake smile onto her face and walked towards him. She had only walked 5 steps when he saw her too and smiled back. He's the one for me Abbey thought as she took another step closer...

5 years later...

A wailing woke Abbey, she grumbled and walked over to one of three cots that stood in a babyish room. "Calm down Nina," she spoke softly to a child dressed in pink who was in the cot she had walked over to. At the sight of her mother the child stopped crying and started to laugh. Abbey smiled, her life was perfect, now, where was Adam?

"You expect me to believe THAT!?" Abbey shouted at Adams' explanation as to why a woman had voice mailed him to ask when they were meeting up next. "We're just friends!" Adam exclaimed but Abbey just crossed her arms and turned around in fury. "So why are you meeting up? I bet your enjoying a friendly meal at Frankie and Bennies' laughing at me! Some husband you are!". Adam seemed surprised at Abbeys' outburst as he hesitated to answer. "See! I've found the truth! Go live with your NEW girlfriend then, you don't want me!" Adam suddenly turned red and clenched his fists, "We were collecting for a charity! But if you DONT want me then fine!"
"Then get out!" "Go!" "You have until next week!" "You'd better get packing!"

A year later...

Abbey stocked John's head as his big, blue eyes locked in hers. "Mama" he gargled once more. As Louie and Nina began to copy John, Abbey's eyes drifted to see the time. "Bedtime!" She called at her children. "Bedtime, bedtime" her children laughed. She smiled and carried then one by one to their room and left them to fall asleep.

The T.V was being watched by Abbey as she tried not to fall asleep, she stifled a yawn and walked into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. As she sat back down on her couch she felt the hairs on her neck start to prickle for no apparent reason. She turned to watch the T.V but a blank screen greeted her. She started to get annoyed. She switched it on again and again but to no avail. Finally it flickered on. She sat down with a satisfied expression. It switched off agin. Before she had the chance to do anything a voice began to sound. "Squares, Circles and Triangles, go and check on your children..." Abbey gulped and ran upstairs, flinging open the doors. There she saw her children. Fine. Safe. Playing. She went back downstairs.

Abbey unplugged her i-phone. She didn't bother trying the t.V again, but, to her incredible annoyance, her phone wouldn't start either. She tried it again and again in vain. Then it switched on. She was just beginning to start playing on Candy Crush when her phone went black. A voice began speak, "Squares, Circles and Triangles, go and check on your children..." Once again Abbey ran upstairs to see her children. Fine. Safe. Tired. She walked downstairs... Again.

When she slumped back down on her sofa she switched on her tablet. When a blank screen greeted her she sighed. Again the voice sounded, "Squares, circled and triangles, go and check on your child-ren......" She DID go upstairs but slower, with less enthusiasm. She saw her children. Fine. Safe. Asleep. She kissed them on the forehead and yawned.

Abbey as listening to the Radio, she was about to turn it off when it did it itself. This is what she heard,"AND ITS A GOAL! 5-NILL! THE TEAM NEEDS TO.... Squares, circles and tri-an-gles, go and check on your children.... HALF TIME! IT SEEMS THE WINNER IS OBVIOUS THIS TIME..." She switched it off, bored. She knew her children were fine so she walked last their door without opening it. She fell asleep.

In the night Abbey had a dream. She shuddered. She heard her children scream in her dreams, it sounded so REAL. She woke up and listened. Fine. Safe. Quiet. She fell back into a restless slumber.

Abbey crunched on a mouthful of cereal. She decided to wake up her children. She reached for the doorknob. It was locked. She was confused, she hadn't locked it! She shrugged, she probably couldn't remember. She found the key and unlocked the door. She wished she hadn't. The door had been locked for a good reason. Abbey screamed.

The first thing she saw was blood. Everywhere. It was covering the floor and had stained the carpet. The next thing she saw was their body's. Three of them. Headless. The next thing was their heads lying dejected on the floor. They were roughly shaped as a square, a circle and a triangle. The last thing she saw was the writing. On the wall. Written in blood. It said, 'Squares, circled and triangles, you DIDNT check on your children'. Tears filled Abbeys eyes followed by hatred, anger and a desire. A desire to die. Her children had, why shouldn't she? She couldn't take it anymore. The window was wide open and the wind seemed to be whispering, 'Go on... Do it' She obliged. Nothingness ceased her as she flung herself out of the window.


Police investigators were sent to the scene. They were never seen again, not even their body's. One thing WAS found. A page of a notebook. It was stained with blood and had been blown out the window. The person who found it didn't care for it. It gained a new home-the inside of a dustbin. If the right person had found it the mystery would have been unraveled for on the page was written 'Tall, Dark brown hair, skinny, dark green eyes' It went on like this. Of course, what the couple that found it didn't know was that the description was of the killer, and the killers description matched exactly to Adam who had died the year before...

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