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Starclan's choice

A book I'm working on, this is the prologue. It's based on the warrior cats books by Erin Hunter. If you haven't read them- Do! Your missing out on a whole new world! I hope you like it :D. Submitted by Emily (Award 339), age 15


Suncloud groaned in agony. The medicine cat encouraged her. "Go on. You can do it! Just one left!". It was Dawnbreeze's duty as a medicine cat to ensure safety of their clan. Her apprentice, Junepaw, was watching wide-eyed from a corner of the nursery. 'Of course' Suncloud thought. 'This is the first kitting she's witnessed save her own'. The camp echoed a Suncloud let out a groan once more. "It's OK. Your doing fine". Suncloud heaved one last push and a small tortoiseshell kit tumbled out. Dawnbreeze quickly, but gently passed the kit to Junepaw and ordered her to start licking it. She obliged. Suncloud cast a loving look at her kits. "Dawnbreeze- bring me Nightstripe!" Dawnbreeze nodded and bounded out of the nursery.

"What?" A moody Nightstripe asked Suncloud. "Our kits. You should help me name them." He nodded and his gaze fell on the four young kits suckling milk from Suncloud. He eyed them, not with the love of Suncloud, or indeed, the love of a parent, but with a look of longing and surprise. He shoved an sheathed paw at the spotty pelted kit. "She." He grunted, "Shall be Spottedkit". All the cats in the nursery nodded approval. He gestured at a light ginger pelted one next. "And she. She shall be Sandkit." another affectionate purr rose from Suncloud's mouth. "This one" she butted in, "Shall be called Foxkit." She set eyes on the last kit. The smallest kit. The tortoiseshell kit. She spoke softly and quietly, as if she was dreaming. "And you" she purred, snuggling closer to her, "Shall be Lilykit." She liked the kit between the ears. It squeaked.

~A few weeks later~

Lilykit squealed as her brother, Foxkit, pushed her. "Stop! Stop!" She meowed. "Not fair!" Foxkit laughed, "It would be if you opened your eyes!" He said. Suncloud gently pushed Foxit away from Lilykit. "She'll open them when she's ready" she told him, looking deep into his dark, blue eyes. Lilykit hesitated, she wasn't hopeless! She could do it! She slowly blinked, then again, and laughed with joy as she saw her mothers pale ginger fur. 'That'll show Foxkit' she thought. She pushed him back. Foxkit purred when her looked at Lilykit's amber eyes. They sparkled like gems. "Come on!" He purred, "let's surprise Spottedkit and Sandkit!" Lilykit hesitated, "Ok" she said.

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